Randy Garcia

Randy Garcia is a trombonist, producer and music director from Los Angeles, California. He has had the honor to work with some of today's Christian music pioneers as well as some of today's popular mainstream artists. He is recognized by his dark and warm tone which has been attained by various years of studying from legendary trombonists in the Los Angeles area. Randy Garcia attended the CSUN Jazz Studies program under the direction of legendary musicians and jazz educators such as Gary Pratt, John Daversa, Matt Harris, and trombone virtuoso Bob McChesney.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Randy was recruited at the young age of 16 to start touring with one of the Spanish gospel pioneers, Tony Perez, whom is the founder of Inspiracion. Randy has also worked for other Gospel artists, such as Grammy award winner Danilo Montero, Hector Hermosillo (co-founder of Torre fuerte), Daniel Johnson from New Breed, Greater Los Angeles Cathredal Choir, Miel San Marcos, Danny Berrios, Juan Carlos Alvarado, to name a few.

At the age of 24, Randy was fortunate enough to gain studio experience and has now dedicated himself to record his first album titled "Amor Sin Agenda", which will be released in summer of 2017. "Galatians 2:20," the first single released, is available on all digital platforms and has been raved as "a breath of fresh air" by producer Aaron Barbosa.

Randy has also worked with some of today's mainstream artists such as multi-platinum artist Frankie J, Leona Lewis, Oscar D' Leon, Gente D' Zona, Maluma, and has appeared on many Television Award shows.

Randy Garcia endorses Best American Craftman Trombones B.A.C.

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

PHONE: +1 (323) 605-9860